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More downtime and performance issues

We’d like to start by apologising for the downtime we’ve had over the last few days. We’ve been working really hard to sort the issues out and track down the causes. We’ve made about 15 changes to our setup, including adding a new server to our front end application servers (we use HAProxy as a load balancer), a lot of further database optimisations and we’ve now moved almost everything into Redis. Our traffic is about 80% higher than during the same period last month and that’s just on the website. The traffic increase from our mobile apps is even higher, so this has caused a lot of extra load. We really couldn’t be happier that the traffic is coming and it’s presented some interesting challenges. We’re just really sorry that it’s meant the downtime on some of the most interesting days of the transfer season so far this year. We’re going to do everything we can to keep on top of the performance to make sure this doesn’t happen again, as our traffic keeps increasing towards the end of the transfer window. Thanks to everyone for your support and patience. 

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