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End of the transfer window

We’re happy to say we experienced record levels of traffic this transfer window. We were getting record traffic, day after day, culminating in the 31st August, when we had 1750% more traffic than the same day last year (which had been a record day for us at the time). Because of this we suffered about 2 hours of down time, while we were tweaking and bashing away at our keyboards, trying to find ways of getting more out of our code and servers. We ended up making a few changes that made a big difference and the evening saw everything running fine under the massive load. 

We’re not going to take a chance of not being able cope in future, so we’ll be upgrading our servers fairly soon. Hopefully no-one will notice anything, however as we continue to grow you should see less of the “Kick News is under heavy load at the moment” messages, which happens from time to time right now.

We also have a new version of our iOS app submitted to the app store, which should be available for download shortly.

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