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Stability issues

Our traffic has been growing non-stop since we launched the site. In fact, we’re up about 150% for the past month than the same period last year. We’re now servicing around 15 million website and app page views per month. We anticipated a busy transfer season and implemented some changes that have held up quite well (we actually had 100% uptime in May) until last week. One of the changes we made is switching our caching to Redis, which we have rapidly fallen in love with for it’s unbelievable performance. We’ve been making tweaks and changes over the past few days to increase performance and allow us to handle the increase in traffic and think we’ve now got the site stable again. There are still plenty of things we can do if we do continue to have issues though and we’ve got the infrastructure to deal with a lot more requests than we’re dealing with now, it’s just a case of getting our code right. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused when the site and apps stop working and we wanted to let you know we’re working on it.

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