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End of the transfer window

We’re happy to say we experienced record levels of traffic this transfer window. We were getting record traffic, day after day, culminating in the 31st August, when we had 1750% more traffic than the same day last year (which had been a record day for us at the time). Because of this we suffered about 2 hours of down time, while we were tweaking and bashing away at our keyboards, trying to find ways of getting more out of our code and servers. We ended up making a few changes that made a big difference and the evening saw everything running fine under the massive load. 

We’re not going to take a chance of not being able cope in future, so we’ll be upgrading our servers fairly soon. Hopefully no-one will notice anything, however as we continue to grow you should see less of the “Kick News is under heavy load at the moment” messages, which happens from time to time right now.

We also have a new version of our iOS app submitted to the app store, which should be available for download shortly.

Kick News went down…

Just wanted to say sorry for the site and apps going down a couple of times in the last few weeks. The past month we’ve had record traffic every few days, but truth be told we weren’t quite ready for it. We’ve been running for a number of years now, but things are really starting to go crazy this transfer window and that brings with it some very lovely problems. 

We’ve been optimising our code a lot and the upshot is, we’re just about to publish a new build of the site that shouldn’t have the problems that have taken us down this month. We reckon we can get at least twice as many of our fellow footy fanatic fans on our site and not have any problems, so please feel free to refresh away.

We also want to ask you to point out any news sources that annoy you with overly sensational headlines. We check the site a *lot*, but we can’t read every post and we’re happy to pull blogs that are blatantly just out to get your clicks with nothing to backup their stories. We don’t carry a couple of big football news sites on our network for that exact reason. You can also block news sources you don’t like from your feed via the My Account page (this will be available in the apps soon as well).

Lastly, we have another new build of our mobile apps coming soon, which will be updated across all versions and has some great new features. Enjoy… :)

Removing The Sun for Liverpool News

We’re removing The Sun newspaper from and from the Liverpool feeds in our apps so as not to offend our Liverpool FC supporting users. We should have done it a long time ago and have only just realised our faux pas. 

We had to temporarily pull Kick News for iPhone

Although we tested the new release of Kick News for iPhone thoroughly on our devices and the different versions of iOS in the simulator, it seems that on iOS 3.1 (possible other 3.x version as well), the app bombs out when you click the Clubs menu. We’ve already looked at the crash logs from a device, found the problem and submitted the updated version to Apple, but they take a few days to review it, so in the mean time, we’ve pulled it from the App Store to make sure as few people as possible are affected by it. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused and as soon as Apple have accepted the fixed version, it will be back on the App Store. 

Loads of lovely new clubs on Kick News

So without any fanfare, we launched a lot of new club news pages over the weekend. We’re now carrying news on all football clubs in the English Premier League, English Championship, Scottish Premier League, Major League Soccer as well as the top two teams from Serie A and La Liga. We added a new menu to the site to access them all and we’re going to add some more new features soon. We’re still tweaking some things and trying to make the site go faster, so if you have any problems please feel free to get in contact with us. We promise to be super friendly. 

*** Update ***

So, we’ve changed some things around and redone how our adverts load (which we have to have, to pay our bills) and the sites are much, much faster now. We hope you appreciate the extra speed. We know we do. :)

A sneak peak at Kick News v3.0 for iPhone

We’re not going to give a too much away right now, but there are a few very cool new features coming in v3.0 of Kick News for iPhone. This goes for the free version as well as the club editions. One of the new features we can show you now is the how many new clubs we’re adding. It’s a time consuming process, but we think it’s worth it. Not all clubs will have the same options available to them right now, but we plan to resolve that by the start of next season. During the transfer window, they will all have the all latest news and transfer info and that’s what is important when there are no games on…

Here are a few screenshots of what the new Clubs menu looks like…



It should be on the App Store in the next week or two. We hope you like it.

Welcome to our new blog

Just a quick note to say welcome to our new blog. We’re going to post details of new features when we roll them out, also updates on things you can expect to see soon. When things go wrong, we may even give a bit of a techie explanation for you geeks out there.

We have some new features coming in both our Android and iPhone apps soon, including lots of new teams.

Anyway, more to come soon…

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